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Water Inc. WI-BG12000 Body Glove Water Filter System

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Product Description
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The Water Inc. WI-BG12000 Ships in a Authorized Body Glove Pre-Packaged Box Complete with Head Unit, Fittings, Tubing & Accessories.

The BG-12000 Water Filtration System Features:

- 0.75 GPM flow rate & 1000 plus gallon capacity on the BG12000 - Timer notifies you when the water filter needs replacing - In-head shut-off valve for easy installation - Engineered carbon block technology conserves water for maximum filter life - Electronic flow meter - Cartridge is made from recyclable material - Filter cartridge is easily recycled. - Made by 3M

The Water Inc. WI-BG12000 Body Glove Water Filter Reduces:

- Chlorine taste & odor
- Dirt, Cloudiness, sediment & rust
- Cysts including giardia & cryptosporidium
- Molds, algae & bacteriostatic control
- Lime scale, asbestos fibers and lead
- Oxidized iron, manganese & sulfides
- 0.2 Micron particulate reduction
- Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
- Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
- Chloramines
- Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)

The Replacement Cartridge Water Inc. # BG-12000C ( **see link below )

- Up To 1000+ Gallon Capacity
- Quick-Change Cartridge and Electronic Timer
- Single Cartridge System Design
The # WI-BG12000 is certified through NSF
The replacement cartridge BG-12000C is also certified through NSF
The Water Inc # WI-BG12000 Body Glove Premium Filtration System has the highest level of any home water filter protection made w/ up to 1000+ gallon capacity.
Cartridge & labeling made from sustainable (and recyclable) materials.
Utilizes the finest available protection with Quad Stage Filtration & IMPACT Technology.

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