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WI-BG-PURE-FILTER-KIT Body Glove R/O Pre-Carbon/ Post-Carbon/Sediment Filter Kit

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Product Description
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Pre-Carbon, Post carbon, & Sediment Filer

Filter change kit for BG-PURE includes: Pre-Carbon, Post-Carbon and Sediment Filters (3 filters per kit) to be changed annually.

BG-PURE is a four-stage reverse osmosis drinking water system.

Removes most dissolved solids for crystal clear drinking water and ice cubes, with outstanding taste and odor reduction, superb water clarity including VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) reduction.

25-gallon per day system engineered with the highest available contaminant reduction efficiency of 95%.

Features a patented Smartap® push button monitor system - with the touch of a button, you can be assured the very best quality water is being produced, and the sensor alerts users when the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced.

System uses sustainable filter housings instead of non-recyclable cartridges.

Enhanced water efficiency of 2.5 to 1 waste-to-product ratio, a step ahead of competitive units.

Space-saving design allows for increased room underneath sinks and bar areas.

Certified by NSF and approved under CA and VT no-lead standards for your safety and piece of mind.

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