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Why Buy from Superwater?

Why Buy from Superwater?
We are the Internet's Largest and Oldest Independent Everpure Foodservice Dealer, as well we also provide, 3M, Cuno, Aqua-Pure, Everhot, Evercold, BodyGlove, Enviropure Tri-Palm & Oasis Products, Global Coolers, Pura, and we have been a premiere water quality products dealer on the Web Since 1998, with well over 500+ Local Daily Accounts we maintain homes and busineses in South Florida.

We Offer Ultra Fast Shipping.

Most In-Stock Orders Usually Ship within 24hrs.

Toll Free Customer Support.

No Voicemail During Business Hours!

All Shipments Are Fully Insured!

We Have A Knowledgable and Professional Sales Staff, and over 18 Years Professional Experience.

We are an Authorized Dealer for over 95% of our listed products.

If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U, or, contact us via Email at support@superwater.com.