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EV9601-79 Pentair Everpure VOC1 (C) Water Filter Cartridge # EV960176 / EV960179

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Product Description
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NOTE: The 6 Pack stock number for the Penatir Everpure VOC1 cartridge is # EV960176

Replacement Cartridge # EV-960179 VOC#1 for QC4-VOC System. (To be used with VOC#2 Cartridge.)
VOC#1(C) # EV960179 Replacement cartridge also fits ROM III Reverse Osmosis Systems.
When used in ROM II or ROM III Systems, VOC # 1 cartridge Everpure # EV9601-79 annually.

The Pentair Everpure EV9601-79 VOC#1 cartridge:

- Effectively reduces VOCs, including trihalomethanes (THMs).
- Effectively reduces methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE).

Everpure Reverse Osmosis # EV9601-79 Systems reduce the following contaminant:

- Arsenic
- Lead
- Copper
- Sodium
- Nitrates
- Fluoride
- Cysts
- TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)

This Pentair Everpure # EV9601-79 VOC-1 cartridge also:

- Finely polishes treated water to premium quality for drinking and cooking.
- Reduces chlorine taste and odor.
- Reduces dirt, rust, asbestos fibers and other particulates such as oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides.
- Reduces parasitic protozoan cysts such as Giardia, Entamoeba and Cryptosporidium.
- Controls even extreme levels of common “off” tastes and odors, including those that are earthy, moldy and fishy. Reduces lead to below the Federal Action Level.

- Effectively reduces VOCs, including trihalomethanes (THMs). - Effectively reduces methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE). - Inhibits limescale build-up in water-using applications. - Is certified by NSF/ANSI in the reduction of arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, copper, fluoride, lead, nitrate/nitrite, selenium, radium, cysts, sodium, MTBE, VOCs and chloroform.

- This system features a normal production rate of 14.4 gallons per day at a .5 gallon per minute flow rate.

- Reduces Volatile Organic Chemicals and suspected carcinogens such as THMs, as well as dirt, chlorine, chloramines and exteme taste and odor.

- Sanitary quick change cartridge is easy to install and replace.

- Capacity: 500+ gallons (1,892 L)
- Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM
- Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 43, WQA Gold Seal

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