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Faucets & Faucet/Filter kits from Touch-Flo

When Touch-Flo went out of business, it didn't mean the end of support for Touch-Flo faucets. One of the places where you can continue to find faucet kits in the identical style as Touch-Flo is at Superwater.com. Although the discontinues Touch-Flo faucets themselves are no longer part of the Superwater inventory, the kits that Superwater does stock are identical facsimiles, with the very same long-reach design, lead-free construction and durable chrome finish you came to expect from the Touch-Flo brand.

The EV9820-10 Touch-Flo Style Food Service Decorator Faucet Kits are packages with the comparable 1/4-inch fittings and accessories that were part of the original Touch-Flo foodservice decorator faucets. All comparable 1/4-inch fittings and accessories are included with all Everpure Single and Dual system orders only. These are available as either standard non-air gap faucets or as air gap for reverse osmosis faucets. Color choices are diverse, ranging from basic chrome to almond, from pewter to antique brass, and many other colors and shades are available.

The Everpure 3000 Gallon 4C Filter System with Chrome Faucet Kit includes a free Second 4C Filter. Included are Food Service-quality Everpure Water Filtration System, the Everpure 4C Cartridge with a capacity of 3,000 gallons, a QL3 cap head, additional fittings, extra tubing and a quick connect kit. Designed to be used with any kind of under-sink filter system, Touch-Flo Style Lead Free Faucets are hand-polished, chrome-plated and machined from solid brass bar. The spout also has a Sani Tip that is resistant to corrosion to prevent chrome damage. The input is 1/4-inch compression with adapters for 3/8-inch and 1/2-inch available. You will need a hole of 7/16" diameters for installation. The Everpure 3000 Gallon 4C Filter System with Chrome Faucet Kit is the answer for replacing under-sink filtration systems that have become outdated, and the kit is equipped with the tools you will need to take apart and remove the old system before installing the new one.

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