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While your primary concern may rightly be with the quality of the water filtration system you purchase and use, it is important to complement your system with an effective and stylish faucet. In the tradition of high quality Everpure products, Superior Water Systems now offers Touch Flo faucets. A Touch Flo faucet provides years of reliable use, just like a quality Everpure system provides years of crystal clear water.

Touch Flo faucets are lead free and are designed for use with any kind of under sink filter system. They are machined from a solid brass bar, hand polished, and chrome plated. There is even a corrosion resistant Sani-Tip added to the spout to prevent chrome damage, ensuring a long lasting finish.

You can also customize your faucet by choosing from various faucet lengths, colors, and types. Touch Flo faucets are available in two lengths--long and short. They are also available in 16 different colors, including stylish ones like gold plate and antique brass. Lastly, you can choose from two different faucet types, either the standard non air gap or air gap for reverse osmosis models.

Whichever Touch Flo Faucet you choose, you can be assured of getting the best possible price from Superior Water Systems. We currently offer the standard chrome Touch Flo faucet at the low price of only $24.99. As always, shipping is free via Fedex. If you have any questions or concerns, browse our site, superwater.com, or if you would like to place your order by phone, please call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U (928-3728).

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