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Enviropure - Sprite Shower Filtration Systems

Enviropure - Sprite Shower Filtration Systems / The WORLDS BEST In Shower filtering Technology

Getting the chlorine out of your shower water can result in a cleansing experience that's healthier, safer, better for your skin and, frankly, more fragrant. Enviropure Sprite Shower Filtration Systems available at Superwater.com feature advanced designs and patented technology for a shower that really does get you clean, rather than replacing one type of impurity on your skin with another.

As much as 50% of a person's daily exposure to chlorine occurs in the shower. That can result in skin irritation and maybe even worse outcomes, because the free chlorine at room temperature turns into a vapor, causing you to breathe the chlorine into the lungs. Some studies have even linked the molecule in chlorine to cancer. So that highlights the importance of a chlorine-free shower, and that's virtually what you will get with a Sprite Shower Filtration System. Its filters removed 99% of all chlorine from your shower water. Its NSF-certified filtration technology uses Chlorgon, a non-carbon media that gets rid of free chlorine, dirt, sediment, odors, combined chlorine, hydrogen sulfide that smells like rotten eggs and iron oxide (rust water). Without a method to rid your shower water of all these unwanted elements, how clean are you actually getting when you step into the shower every day?

Sprite shower systems include hand-held, slimline, high-output and Royale models. Each one will deliver filtered water that is pH balanced. The filters are easy to install, have self-sealing threads and are constructed of high-strength materials. Not only are the cartridges convenient, but they're also eco-friendly. Superwater offers free shipping on all orders over $200, with further savings opportunities depending on how much you spend on your order.

Chlorgon & KDF - The only non-carbon filtering media to REMOVE UP TO 99.5%: Free Chlorine (Cl-), Combined Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite), Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell), Iron oxide (rust water), Dirt, Sediment, Odors. Plus, it's pH balanced for your hair and skin. FEATURES: Advanced Designs, Patented Technology, Easy Installation, Replaceable Cartridge, Self Sealing Threads, High Strength Construction