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SIP Global Water Ozone Sterilization Kit Installed # SIP

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Product Description
- The SIP is a programmable ozone generator that converts your water cooler into an energy saving, self sanitizing cooler

- Effectively circulates micro-bubbles of chemical-free ozone

- Eliminates algae, mold viruses and bacteria 365 times a year

- Saves you time and money

SiP Ozone Sanitization is more effective than UV Disinfection

- UV Disinfection only sterilizes mold, algae, viruses and bacteria

- SiP's Ozone eliminates mold, algae, viruses and bacteria in an enclosed environment, 365 days a year.

SiP uses a totally natural, chemical-free technology that converts Oxygen to Activated Oxygen Ozone. Ozone is an all-natural way to purify drinking water.