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Brondell Swash S1000-RW Round White Bidet Toilet Seat

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Product Description
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The Swash S1000-RW Round White bidet toilet seat offers premium features at an amazing price. With the convenient wireless remote control, the Swash S1000RW Round White offers endless warm water washes, adjustable dual stainless steel wash wands, a comfy heated seat and more...

The Brondell Swash S1000-RW Round White Bidet Seat Key Features

- Posterior and feminine warm-water washes
- Twin adjustable stainless steel nozzles
- Water and seat temperature settings
- Eco-friendly instant ceramic heating system for unlimited warm water
- Water pressure controls
- Aerated wash spray with width adjustment (3 levels)
- Self cleaning nozzles
- Intelligent body sensor
- Wireless remote control
- Stylish design and comfortable heated seat
- "Quick Release" for easy seat removal and cleaning
- Gentle closing seat and lid
- Automatic power-save mode
- 7/8" T-valve - Three (3) year limited warranty
- Model # S1000-RW
- UPC Code # 187418000270

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