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MT-641 Mountain MT641-2 Heating Tank # AH-780-UL

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Product Description
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***Note: The new product number for the Mountain MT641 is the
Mountain MT641-2***

IMPT: This "Little Gourmet" - "Trim Out" Heating Tank is designed to be used "only" with approved Mountain Plumbing Products. Hot Water Dispensers, and Hot & Cold Water Dispenser Faucets.

Mountain Faucets are available in a variety of designer finishes.

The Little Gourmet MT641 Heating Tank delivers 190 Degree Water At Your Fingertips, and Can deliver up to 60 cups per hour of instant hot water. Great for cooking, instant coffee, tea or a variety of use in a wet bar.

Fingertip temperature control may be adjusted to personal taste, between 140 and 200 degrees.

The MT641 Heating Tank uses less energy to heat than a 40 watt light bulb and costs under $2.00 per month to operate, which makes it convenient and affordable.

The 780 watt heater offers faster recovery time over competitive brands. Compact design features a 5/8 gallon reservoir and installs very easily under your sink.

The self setting thermal fuse interior protects the heater element and thermal fuse in the event of a dry start up.

Easy to install Quick-Connect fittings and improved connections reduce probability of kinked or twisted water lines.

NOTE: Compatible Mountain Faucets are all HOT Mountain Faucets ,& all HOT/COLD Models. Due to a change in Product Distribution through Mountain Plumbing Products.

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