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OASIS Water Coolers, Fountains

OASIS Water Coolers, Fountains

Anyone on a quest for clean, pure drinking water that tastes great and is free of unhealthy foreign substances that don't belong in anybody's beverages should take a long look at the OASIS Water Coolers and fountains available at Superwater.com. OASIS International has spent more than a century in the business of researching, engineering and producing solutions to the dilemma of clean drinking water. OASIS bottled and pressure water coolers and its filtration equipment, drinking fountains and water pitcher systems deliver great tasting water that does not have bacteria, sediment, metals or chemicals.

Point-of-use inline water coolers by OASIS are easy to clean and maintain and feature a patented cooling probe so that the water is cooled from the inside. This process cuts down on the risk of rust developing due to condensation. The water, insulated from the air, is cooled internally and directly. Superwater.com offers 13 different OASIS water coolers that can be situated on the floor in the corner of an office or portable models that fit right on a countertop. OASIS water coolers offer features like hot tank adjustment, a pen top reservoir for easy sanitation, dishwasher-safe removable drip trays and more.

OASIS filters for sale include sediment pre-filters, carbon pre-filters, carbon post-filters, lead and cyst filters, single stage replacement filters, double stage filters and filters for bacteria. OASIS filtration systems remove water's impurities in a way that is economical and eco-friendly, with an EZ-turn system that eliminates the need for clamps to secure the tubes. OASIS water fountains for schools, offices or other institutional facilities are made to comply with United States plumbing codes while supplying a steady stream of cool water. OASIS Aqua Pointe sports bottle fillers are highly efficient and have strainers to cut off particles and pollutants before they get a chance to infect the water.

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