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A good supply of cold, pure water is a must at both the home and the office. Unfortunately, many systems aren't up to the task--they don't filter water well, they break easily, or they give water which is lukewarm rather than refreshing and chilled. To solve this problem, consider purchasing one of the Oasis Water Coolers available from Superior Water Systems, a leader in water filtration systems and products.

An Oasis inline water cooler is a versatile point of use system. It can accommodate the water treatment system of your choice, which can be installed under a sink or directly on the back of the cooler, giving you both flexibility and ease of use. One of our popular systems is the Oasis Aqua Bar, which features a large lower front access to the filter compartment and a lightweight blow molded polycarbonate cabinet.

If you prefer a bottle water cooler, then your best option is an Oasis Bottled Water Cooler. All of our models feature the exclusive Oasis cooling system, which uses a probe to cool the water directly, a more efficient method than the reservoir cooling systems employed by other companies. The Oasis reservoir also has a smooth surface that is inert to bacteria and is easy to wash and clean.

Oasis water coolers set themselves apart from the competition. They have a very high cooling capacity, are stylish, and are built to last for years with only minimal maintenance. For the best deals on Oasis water coolers, along with free shipping and great customer service, be sure to shop with Superior Water Systems.

If you have any questions or concerns, browse our website, superwater.com, or if you would like to place your order by phone, please call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U (928-3728).

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