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Natural "SNE" Stone Mezuzah "SNE" Mezuzah #2 40CM ( Large ) Dark Brown HardWood

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Product Description
Superwater.com exclusively sells the NATURAL 'SNE" STONE MEZUZAH on the Internet. **There is no other Representative Worldwide. Please call us for more information and or if you have any questions.

Each Beautiful "SNE" Mezuzah is unique. Hand Crafted in the Holy Land of Israel.

These pieces incorporate the same materials G-D Directed Moses to use in his desert Tabernacle, of **WOOD, STONE, GOLD, SILVER and COPPER. **As listed in the Torah.

Each "SNE" STONE was carefully chosen to sit on different types of Solid Wood.

The HOLY NAME of G-D ( SHADAI ) in Hebrew, appears on one side in Copper, Silver and Gold. On the other side, one can see through the Star of David, with the Holy Techlet ( Blue Tzizit ) String and you can view the Holy Name ( SHADAI ) in Hebrew on the parchment through a Clear Glass ( **Parchment Sold Seperately )

**Please get your parchment from a Holy Source, and One with an Excellent Reputation.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Uniqueness of the RARE "SNE" Stone, only a limited Number of Products are Available.

SOME FACTS and aout the "SNE" Stone - Natural Stone Mezuzah.

- "SNE" stones, which originate in the Sinai Peninsula are made of Granite.
- Aincent Sources identify the material as the SNE Stone ( **You can Google it ) on which G-D stamped the shape of the miraculous bush, as the Isrealites Gathered at Mt. Sinai. - The stone displays a RARE Natural Phenomenon, when broken in two, it reveals the same stamped picture in mineature. This marvel promises continuity, according to the sages.
- This wonder should be proudly displayed in every house to announce the miracle, and thus will bring Blessing, Health, and Success,

PLEASE NOTE: As these items are Artistically Created, and made in Israel, We represent the Artist here in the USA, if you have any questions, or would like a special request order, please know, these orders take time to complete and must be approved by the artist. We will work with you to help you get what you want for your Home, and or Synagoge. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

Size 40CM Parchment Size Needed 20CM