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Indoor air pollution is a real problem of which we have recently become aware. The latest scientific research has determined beyond a doubt that the air in indoor spaces is usually far more polluted than outdoor air. This is most often due to a combination of poor air circulation and the constant presence of sources of air pollution in daily life.

Though it does no good to be alarmist about these issues, the reality is that indoor air is often polluted with a variety of natural and chemical contaminants. These most often include asbestos, carbon dioxide and monoxide, tobacco smoke, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and radon. Biological contaminants are also common. These most often include cockroach parts, mites, mildew, mold, dust, and animal dander. Even some types of household plants can cause indoor air contamination.

At Superwater, we have joined in the fight against indoor air pollution by providing some of the best air purification equipment on the market today. We have dedicated ourselves to finding the most effective air purifiers for both home and work environments. Those that we've found to be most effective are Healthway air filtering devices.

Healthway air purifiers are widely known as the world's most effective air cleaning devices. They are so effective, they qualify as an FDA certified, Class II medical device. This is because they function through a high-energy field that successfully traps between 99 and 100 percent of illness-causing contaminants commonly found in indoor air. These include mold, bacteria, fungi . . . even viruses! To find out more about Healthway air purifiers, simply call our Superwater associates at 1-866-928-3728.

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