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06-782 / 3M Cuno Water Factory HP-1200 TFC 230V Single Phase RO System

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Product Description
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Cuno HP1200 Commercial Reverse Osmosis System:

The Cuno Water Factory System HP-1200 Reverse Osmosis High Pressure systems are designed for durability and ease of service.

The Cuno HP-1200 has GREAT PERFORMANCE WITH A SMALL FOOTPRINT. The HP Series is designed for durability and ease of service in an extremely compact size to fit just about anywhere.

The CUNO Water Factory HP-1200 (230 Volt/50 Hz) Commercial RO systems feature premium output and performance.

The CUNO HP-1200 RO System's compactness works for a large range of applications since it fits into almost any space in a restaurant or busy work area.

The CUNO HP-1200 High Pressure operation results in high water output that supports quality water for your process or rinse application.

The Water Factory System's HP 1200 can produce up to 1200 gallons of high quality water per day. The CUNO HP-1200 Reverse Osmosis Systems feature a TFC membrane.

The HP Commercial Series RO Systems are designed to be used for: Drinking Water, Spot free rinse, Bay Car Wash, Small industrial process water, Whole restaurant beverage supply, Industrial Rinse Water and Total home drinking water supply.

Price is for the RO system only. Storage components are ordered separately.