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Home air filters are different from commercial air filters in that they tend to be sold for use specifically in the spaces inside the home. However, they can be just as effective in workplace settings, provided that the space they cover is of a comparable size. Indeed, offices and other types of workplaces often contain even higher pollution levels than homes. This is due to the presence of not just dust and mold, but also chemical fumes in the air from copiers, plastics, cleaning sprays, office furniture and even carpeting.

To avoid confusion, air filters are made for HEPA or carbon filter-based air purifiers, and not for systems that use electrostatic or ultraviolet technology. This is because electrostatic and ultraviolet systems don't use filters at all. At Superwater, we offer Healthway brand air purifiers that use carbon-based filtration technology. We carry Healthway air purifiers because we believe them to be the most advanced and effective air purifying systems on the market.

Healthway air purifiers have been certified as Class 2 medical-grade equipment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. They have also won performance awards from various industry organizations. These awards include the R&D 100 award in 1997 and the NASA Technology award of 2005. Healthway air purifiers are guaranteed to be 99.99 percent effective at removing airborne pollutants from the home. They do so through a high-energy field that destroys particles as small as .03 microns in size!

In contrast, the very popular HEPA filters found in other systems are only effective at trapping larger-sized particles. Smaller yet still harmful contaminants can slip right through HEPA filters--and they do. On the other hand, Healthway home air filters are about four times as effective as HEPA filters. Since these filters need to be replaced periodically, we at Superwater offer different varieties of Healthway replacement filters. For more information on the home air filters available through Superwater, simply contact our friendly staff at 1-866-928-3728, or at support@superwater.com.

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