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EV9326-04 Hoshizaki HF / HF-H Quad Water Filtration System # EV932604

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Product Description
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Comes Complete with 4 HF Cartridges. Hoshizaki's Highest Capacity Ice Filtration System By Everpure featuring 1/2 micron precoat technology for icemaker feeders, with self contained scale inhibitor feed.

**Ideal for Extremely High Volume, Higher Flow and High Capacity Hoshizaki Ice Machines.

Removes Cyptosporidium and Giardia cysts, asbestos fibers, bad taste and odor, chlorine, dirt, mold and algae. Reduces scale build-up.

Four quick-change cartridges HF fit into QC71 Quad head with water pressure gauge. Manifold features water shut off, flushing valve, inlet, and outlet pressure gauges.

Capacity: 24,000 lbs/ Per Day
Max Flow Rate: 5.6 GPM
Certifications: NSF 1, STD 42