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EV9252-67 Pentair Everpure H-54 Water Filtration System # EV925266 / EV925267

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Product Description
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NOTE: This item ships in an Authorized verpure Pre-Packaged Box.

The same commercial quality that makes Pentair Everpure the overwhelming choice for water filtration in restaurants is also available for your home.

The Pentair Everpure exclusive precoat filtration technology combines Micro- Pure® and a unique pleated filter membrane to reduce particles as small as 1/2 micron. This highly engineered design offers the largest filtering surface area, longer filter life and consistent performance.

- The Pentair Everpure H54 Designer Drinking Water Filtration System # EV-925266 for your home turns ordinary tap water into sparkling, great-tasting healthful water.

- Reduces lead up to 99%. Precoat design removes Lead particles 1/2 micron and larger in size including, Cysts such as Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Cyptosporidium Parva, Dirt, Bad Taste and Odor, chlorine, mold and algae, Particulates (oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides)*

- Scale inhibitor blended into the Micro- Pure® material reduces mineral build-up in water using appliances.

- System is easy to install and sanitary quick change cartridge makes replacement easy.

The # EV925267 H-54 Pentair Everpure Water Filtration System Features:

- Exclusive Micro-Pure filtering material coats the entire pleated surface inside the cartridge – removes particles 1/2 micron (1/50,000 of an inch) and larger for the entire rated life of the cartridge

- The Pentair Everpure signature metal canister delivers commercial grade durability and quality and protects the filter system from splitting or bursting. It’s lined with a foodgrade polymer that prevents the water from coming in contact with the metal

- Built-in water shut off

- The Pentair Everpure H54 EV 925267 system leave vital minerals found naturally in water, so you get the best tasting water possible

- Scale inhibitor blended into Micro-Pure material reduces mineral build-up in water-using appliances.**As tested by KDF® Fluid Treatment,Inc.

- Adsorbs common earthy, moldy, fishy tastes, and odors.

- Capacity: 750 gallons (2,835 L)
- Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM
- Temperature: 35-100 °F (2-38 °C) cold water use only
- Pressure: 10-125 psi. (0.7-8.6 bar), non- shock
- Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 43, WQA Gold Seal


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