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GALENE Filtration Systems

GALENE Conditioning Filtration Systems
GALENE’s Conditionaing Filtration System ACFS model, combines technological knowledge with leading process engineering to create compact solutions for potable water conditioning in a wide range of applications including residential and commercial installations.

The units are designed to treat all the water that comes into the premises. The system includes different types of filtration stages and configurations, depending on the water quality supplied and the client’s requirements. The different stages can be combined.


- Depending on the solution employed, the systems are capable of reducing elements like:
- Dirt, Sand and Rust
- Chlorine, Chlorine taste and Odor
- Volatile Organic Carbons
•- nsecticides, Pesticides and Industrial Solvents
- Normally occurring non-pathogenic, Nuisense microorganisms
- Stain creating, appliance life reduction
- skin drying water hardness.

ACFS-PAU-MB Galene Whole House Water Filtration System # ACFSPAUMB
ACFS-PAU-MB Galene Whole House Water Filtration System # ACFSPAUMB QTY: