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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
Superwater Greatly Respects Your Business & Privacy:

Unlike our competitors, we do not & will NOT ever sell or solicit any client information at all. We do not Spam. We consider all the information you choose to share with us 100% personal and confidential. Again, please be aware, WE WILL NOT EVER sell any of your information either, unlike our competitors. We may collect general information to better understand customer interests and other related topics. If used at all, any information gathered from our site will be used in an aggregate and anonymous fashion.

Superwater Return Policy:

All Returns MUST HAVE either a prior verbal and or written notification before they are shipped back to us. Any and all items must be returned as new, and no less than 30 days from your original date of purchace. Returned items will be subject to a minimum 30% restocking fee of the purchaced price, all special order items will be subject to a 50% restocking fee, in addition we will recover all extended shipping costs involved. If you need to know if your order is a special order item, please contact us via email before you order anything with any other questions you may have.

Price Match Policy:

Superwater.com tries extremely hard to have the lowest prices in accordance with Free Shipping availibility on most orders, and Discounted Shipping for other orders in general. Given the dynamic nature of the marketplace, it is near impossible to stay on top of the current lowest prices. As a practice, we do not price match.

If you happen to find any items at a lower delivered price, give us a call toll free at 1-866-928-3728. We'll try our best to match it or beat it if possible. We do not guarantee that we can meet or beat every price listed, but we appreciate the opportunity to try and earn your business properly, and we shall do our best to get you our lowest price.

Why Buy From Superwater.com?

An Independent and local online dealer for all our products, We Offer Ultra Fast Shipping - Most In-Stock Orders Usually Ship within 24-28hrs. Toll Free Customer Support - No Voicemail During Business Hours! All Shipments Fully Insured! We Have A Knowledgable and Professional Sales Staff, with over 17 Years Experience.

If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U, or, contact us via Email at support@superwater.com.

Guaranteed Secure Transactions Our Superwater store employs the latest version of Secure Socket Layer Technology (SSL) to encrypt your information and help make sure that only you and Superwater ever see it. SSL, an industry standard, will scramble credit card information both on the way from the shopper from our server, and from our server on to the merchant. Some Web browses and some firewalls will not permit a secure connection. To check that your browser is in secure mode or supports it, check that a "lock" or a "key" icon is displayed in the lower left or right-hand corner of your browser window. You can also check by looking at the URL bar on top of your browser. This line will typically show the first characters as "https" when a secure connection has been established rather than "http" which indicates a connection that is not secured. Many browsers also give a notice when entering a secure site. Our Superwater store is powered by Yahoo Store, the biggest source of shoppers on the Web. They use same kind of servers used in Yahoo!'s own site: Pentium machines running FreeBSD. Our normal web servers use Red Hat Linux. Our web server software is Apache 1.2., the most popular web server on the Internet. The May 1999 WWW server site survey by Netcraft found that about 60% of the web sites on the Internet are using Apache, making it more widely used than all other web servers combined.