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EVERBREW by Water Inc.

EVERBREW by Water Inc.

Automatically brewed coffee that tastes great and is conveniently made each morning can be yours every day when you purchase Everbrew Coffee Systems available at Superwater.com. You can have pure and delicious coffee every day wherever you live or at the office with Everbrew products by Water Inc. If you are tired of filling the coffee machine every morning and waiting for it to heat up and brew the first pot, that cumbersome a.m. process can be a thing of the past, as well as the tiresome trips to refill your cup when you can't stop at just one serving of coffee.

Superwater offers the Everbrew Built-in Coffee Maker for hundreds of dollars less than its suggested retail value. It connects with any 1/4-inch cold water line, can accommodate a minimum cabinet clearance of 16 inches and has a programmable, digital clock with a timer. A 3-foot electrical cord with a three-prong plug are included with the coffee maker, which features a stainless steel fascia that operates with electronic touch. Set the machine at night and you will have freshly brewed coffee awaiting you whenever you come downstairs to the kitchen the next morning. Its space-saving design will afford you more room on your kitchen counter. The Everbrew Built-in Coffee Maker also has an adjustable cup selector and a "pause and brew" feature.

Everbrew by Water Inc. also makes medium and short servers. The medium stainless steel thermal coffee server has a brew-through lid and capacity for 64 ounces of coffee. The Everbrew Short Coffee Server with a brew-through lid has the same capacity, but is 7 1/4 inches tall, about 3 inches shorter than the medium server. Everbrew's coffee products come with free shipping within two to three business days of your order to Superwater, which offers super prices on Everbrew and a whole range of water filtration items.

WI-EB-BREWER Everbrew Automatic Coffee System # WIEBBREWER
WI-EB-BREWER Everbrew Automatic Coffee System # WIEBBREWER QTY:
WI-EB-POT-MED Everbrew Medium Server # WIEBPOTMED
WI-EB-POT-MED Everbrew Medium Server # WIEBPOTMED QTY: