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EV9970-56 Everpure CHROME Single Temperature Designer Series Faucet # EV900090 / EV997056

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Product Description
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NOTE: The old stock number for this faucet is EV900090.

Single Temperature Drinking Water Faucets Designer Series The versatile design of Everpure’s new filtered water faucets is available in eight finishes, ensuring a sleek look that perfectly complements your kitchen. '

As orderable above, Choose from:

Chrome # EV9970-56 / EV9000-90
Antique Brass # EV9970-55 / EV9000-91
Brushed Nickel # EV9970-59 / EV9000-94
Antique Wine # EV9970-57 / EV9000-92
Satin Nickel # EV9970-61 / EV9000-96
Oil Rubbed Bronze # EV9970-60 / EV9000-95
Bright Black # EV9970-58 / EV9000-93
Bright Golden # EV9000-97

Please Note: When connecting the Everpure Single Temperature Drinking Water Faucet to a reverse osmosis system (ROM II or ROM III) a separate Air Gap Adapter is required (EV3123-39).


- Sleek, versatile design
- Selection of eight beautiful finishes to match the most popular designer faucets
- Lead-free
- Forged brass construction
- Aerator tip provides even, clear stream of filtered water
- Ceramic disc type valve
- 0.5 GPM flow
- Certified to NSF/ANSI 61
- RO compatible with the use of a separate air gap

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