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Enviropure Products

Enviropure Products

Does the drinking water in your home pass the smell test? How about the taste test, or the purity test? It's important to find out so that you can be assured that the water you take in every day is as healthy as possible. EnviroPure drinking water test kits and meters are among the many EnviroPure products available at Superwater.com, which also sells reverse osmosis post mix filter models, UV systems and replacement bulbs, and Sprite shower filtration systems.

EnviroPure drinking water test kits help you determine whether your water might be contaminated with lead, chlorine, pesticides, nitrates, iron, pH-level and other agents that could make your water a hazard to drink. EnviroPure flow control monitors come with a visual and audible alarm setting preset for 300 gallons but internally adjustable. EnviroPure TDS testers gauge the level of minerals in your water as well as testing the effectiveness of RO membranes. Drinking water metering by EnviroPure may be used with any filter or reverse osmosis system and comes with fittings that have locking clips and installation instructions.

Reverse osmosis post mix filter models by EnviroPure help you to maximize the performance of any appliance that uses water. If you are not using the correct replacement filter, your appliance could be damaged or its lifespan shortened. EnviroPure replacements ensure that an appliance will operate at peak efficiency. EnviroPure MaxPro reverse osmosis in-line water filters have been engineered to result in filtration that is simple and clean between the output of the appliance and your consumption. Output and pressure will not be compromised.

EnviroPure ultraviolet (UV) systems purify water that could contain viruses, bacteria and other contaminants without having to add chemicals to the water. Your drinking supply will thus be purified safely, and you won't have to worry about microorganisms existing in your drinking water.