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WI-ENV-HO-R Enviropure - Sprite "Best-Value" High-Output Shower Filtration System # WIENVHOR

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Product Description
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Note: The above picture shown is of a Shower head and The Filter System & Cartridge, this listing is for the Filter Systems & Cartridge only. This system can be used with any shower head.

The Spritex Enviropure "Best-Value / High-Output " Shower Filtration System # ENV-RHO-SF, Ships FREE with UPS or FedEx Ground and with any combined order totaling over $200

We've all experienced the chlorine smell in our city water supply and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) from well water, and now you can reduce these odors and more, with the Enviropure Shower System.

Using an exclusive patented filtration media.... Chlorogon®, this is the only non-carbon filtering media to remove: Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Lead (trace amounts), Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron oxide (rust water), Dirt, Sediment & Orors. Plus... it gives you pH balanced water.

Does not include shower head.

Looking for color options ?, the Unit comes in Basic White, yet, we can get "Chrome (+$29.00)" & "Gold (+$54.00)" on request.

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