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Hydrotech RO Systems

Hydrotech RO Systems
Economy RO Model Components

Reverse Osmosis Membrane - allows water molecules to pass while dissolved impurities are flushed to the drain.
Five Micron Pre-Filter - removes tiny particles of suspended dirt and sediment.
Activated Carbon Pre-Filter - protects TFC membrane from chlorine and removes organics.
Activated Carbon Post Filter - removes tastes and odors to give water a final “polish” prior to delivery.
Pressurized Storage Tank - holds purified drinking and cooking water ready for use.
Chrome Plated Faucet - mounts attractively on sink or counter to deliver pure water at the touch of a lever.

Economy RO Booster Pump Model Specific Components

Booster Pump - raises and maintains the water pressure at the optimum level to ensure the highest TDS rejection rate with maximum production.
Product Water Pressure Switch - shuts off system when pressure tank has been filled.
Feed Water Pressure Switch - protects pump against run dry situations.