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Commercial water purification systems are essential to keeping the water in the workplace pleasant and contaminant-free. Being able to provide healthy drinking water that tastes and smells good is a priority for businesses--unfortunately it is an issue that all too often goes overlooked. Quality drinking and washing water is important not just to the employees who depend on it during the day, but also for contributing to a positive impression on clients and visitors.

At Superwater, we offer a large selection of commercial water purification systems from industry names such as Everpure, Oasis, Hoshizaki, Touch-Flo, FreshStart, Everhot, and Mountain. For instance, the Everpure brand offers everything from faucet filtration to ice purification systems. Everpure applies its lauded water purifying technology to coffee makers, water fountains, and water-releasing equipment.

Oasis is a trusted name in fountains and water coolers, offering effective filtering and cooling technology to communal refreshment systems. At Superwater, we are an authorized dealer of Oasis water coolers, coffee service stations, and water fountains. Oasis offers both inline and bottled water cooler systems, and its Fresh Start coffee makers are compatible with water filtration systems to deliver delicious coffee made from fresh, purified water.

Superwater also offers complete filtration systems and replacement cartridges for Hoshizaki ice machines, which are manufactured by Everpure. We also sell complete, 3,000-gallon-capacity Touch-Flo faucet filtration systems, also made by Everpure. Everhot systems, made to instantly deliver hot water, are specially designed for use with Everpure water filtration systems. Finally, we offer high-quality commercial faucet systems from Mountain Plumbing Products in a variety of designs and prices. For more information on these systems, contact us at support@superwater.com or call us toll free at 1-866-928-3728.

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