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55893-06 / 3M Cuno Aqua Pure CFS8720EL Extended Length Water Filter Cartridge # 5589306

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Product Description
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- This is the 3M Cuno Water Filtration Product, CFS 8720EL Replacement Cartridge Mfg # 55893-06 for Sediment Reduction, Chlorine, Taste & Odor Reduction.

- The 3M Cuno CFS-8720EL Replacement cartridge for CUNO Foodservice filter systems. Designed for hot beverage and ice applications. One micron sediment filtration, chlorine taste and odor reduction. Capacity: 5,500 gals. at 1.67 gpm.

- Cuno’s line of 8000 series cartridges provide the continuing benefits of Cuno filtration in a user friendly design.

- A choice of medias such as graded density carbon and granular activated carbon with micron ratings from 0.5 to 5, as well as optional integrated scale inhibition (See CFS8112S) provide solutions to varying water conditions.

- The Cuno 8000 Series water filter cartridges does not need to be flushed out first before use, allowing cartridge changes to be completed in seconds.

The CFS8720EL Product Features:

- Sanitary Quick Change reduces contamination during change-outs and are easily disposed

- 1.67 gpm flow rates specifically designed to exceed water consumption on single application equipment

The CFS8720EL Specifications:

Certifications: FDA CFR-21 and NSF Certified
Max Capacity: Up to 5,500 gal (20,820 liters)
Flow Rate: Up to 1.67 gpm
Rating:Up to 5 Micron Filtration
Model Number: CFS8720EL
Mfg Part Number: # 5589306
Claims: Sediment Reduction Cartridge