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55594-12 / 3M Cuno Aqua Pure CFS117-S 9 3/4" Replacement Cartridge # 5559412

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Product Description
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- The 3Mô Water Filtration Products line of drop-in cartridges are an economical way to help reduce constituents in water that can cause equipment damage and unappealing product.

- Media choices of graded density, charge modified, activated carbon and pleated polypropylene provide a wide range of sediment holding capacities, chlorine reduction capabilities and micron ratings.

- These cartridges can be used in the 3M Water Filtration Products premium line of drop-in housings or as retrofits to upgrade current filtration.


-Model Number: CFS117-S
-Part Number: 55594-12
-Micron Rating: 5
-Claims: Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction, Scale Inhibition
-Type: Granular Activated Carbon
-Flow Rate: 3 gpm
-Cuno Housings: CFS11, CFS01