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Alpine # 3000 Aurora Borealis UV Stand-Up Tri-Temp Inline Water Cooler

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Product Description
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The Alpine # 3000 Aurora Borealis UV Stand Alone Tri-Temp Inline Cooler Comes With:

- A Touch Tone Technology, Digital Programming
- In-Tank UV Sterilzation Unit
- A Water Filter Monitor
- A Leak Lock Protection System
- 11" Cup and Water Bottle Clearance
- Bio Guard Tray

NOTE: Alpine's Patent pending In-Tank UV System, sanitizes water as it enters the reservoir together with a nightly sanitization cycle prohibiting the growth of algae, biofilm and pathogenic bacteria. **Quality and Peace of Mind.

The Alpine # 3001 Aurora Borealis UV Countertop Unit Capacity:

Power Consumption (Cold/Hot) 90W/450W
Temperature Cold Tank 37-50F
Temperature Hot Tank 167-190F
Storage Capacity Cold Tank 1 Gallon Hold
Storage Capacity Hot Tank 1/2 Gallon Hold
Control Type Digital Read

The Alpine # 3000 Aurora Borealis UV Stand Alone Floor Unit Dimensions:

Size: 15.35" W x 17.70" H x 13" D
Color: Black

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