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ACFS-PAU-MB Galene Whole House Water Filtration System # ACFSPAUMB

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Product Description
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GALENE’s Filtration System ACFS model, combines technological knowledge with leading process engineering to create compact solutions for potable water conditioning in a wide range of applications including residential and commercial installations.

The units are designed to treat all the water that comes into the premises.

The system includes different types of filtration stages and configurations, depending on the water quality supplied and the client’s requirements.

The different stages can be combined, and include:
- Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Micron Filters
- Speciality Formulated Carbon Media Filters
- Iron and Sulphur Reducing Filters
- Softeners
- UV Disinfection
- Reverse Osmosis Filter

The system configuration is based on the quality of water and assures a robust solution to all your water consumption needs.

The ACFS systems are compact, with easy to replace filter mechanism. Constructed using premium-quality stainless steel.

The ACFS-PAU-MB Galene Water Filtration System Features:

Depending on the system designed the units are capable of reducing:
- Dirt, sand and rust
- Chlorine, chloramines, DBPs, chlorine taste, color and odor
- Volatile organic carbons
- Insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents

The ACFS-PAU-MB Galene Water Filtration System Benefits::

- Uses - **Whole House Consumption
- Sun Susceptible - NONE
- Comfort - HIGH
- Maintenance - LOW
Water Quality - HIGH
Storage - NONE
Availability - HIGH
Cost of Water -$/ Gal ** - Less than 0.05


With a refreshingly innovative approach to the business of water and, wastewater treatment, GALENE’s expert team delivers high performance solutions that are exceptionally cost-effective and competitive.

Backed by decades of successful global experience, yet focused locally on the unique needs of its clients, GALENE is a leading source for complete design/build projects, equipment sales, implementation and service for all market sectors including municipal, private and corporate development, industrial and irrigation.

Project funding has never been easier or faster than with GALENE’S flexible and accessible financing options. RESULTS THAT ARE NOT ONLY TECHNICALLY TOP NOTCH, BUT AMAZINGLY BUSINESS FRIENDLY.

- Lead reduction
- Normally occurring non-pathogenic, nuisance microorganism
- Stain creating, appliance life reducing and skin drying hard water

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