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EV9588-01 Everpure 558-TW Water Filter Cartridge # EV958801

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Product Description
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NOTE: Pricing is available only in 1 single order, and or a 12 pack order.

- Precoat Filter cartridge 558TW # EV958801 provides taste, odor and particulate reduction for Hot Water - HIGH TEMPERATURE ingredient water.

- Up to maximum 180 degree water temperature. Precoat filtration. Greater capacity than C3-TW.

- Sealed plastic replacement cartridge for clean, sanitary changeout. Each Dechlorination 558-TW Cartridge comes complete with a square cut gasket.

- Fits C5-TW stainless steel housing.

- Can be used in various HOT WATER Applications.

- Capacity; Varires
- Flow Rate: 2 GPM
- Pack Size: 1 or 12

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