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EV9601-77 Pentair Everpure VOC2 Water Filter Cartridge # EV960177

EV9601-77 Pentair Everpure VOC2 Water Filter Cartridge # EV960177

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Product Description
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- Replacement cartridge VOC#2 # EV-960177 for QC4-VOC System or dual head system. (To be used with a VOC#1 Cartridge).

- Replacement cartridge VOC-2 # EV960177 also fits ROMIII Reverse Osmosis Systems (C).

- The Pentair Everpure VOC 2 Reduces Volatile Organic Chemicals and suspected carcinogens such as THMs, as well as dirt, chlorine, chloramines and exteme taste and odor.

- Sanitary quick change cartridge is easy to install and replace.

- Capacity: 500+ gallons (1,892 L)

- Flow Rate: 1/2 GPM

Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 43, WQA Gold Seal

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