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EV9328-06 Everpure High Flow CSR Triple-MC˛  Water Filtration System # EV932806 / EV932805

EV9328-06 Everpure High Flow CSR Triple-MC˛ Water Filtration System # EV932806 / EV932805

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Product Description
Superwater.com offers 100% FREE FedEx & UPS Ground Shipping On Every # EV932806 / EV932805 High Flow CSR Triple-MC˛ Water Filtration System Order. WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED EVERPURE FOODSERVICE DEALER WITH OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE. Questions? Please Call Us.

- Application: One combination system to handle all fountain, coffee and ice machines.

- 1/2 micron precoat filtration removes Cyptosporidium and Giardia cysts, asbestos fibers, bad taste and odor, chlorine, dirt, mold and algae.

- System features three quick-change MC(2) filter cartridges, a 20" coarse prefilter, and an SS-IMF scale reducing polyphosphate feeder. Comes Complete as shown.

- The Everpure Model # EV9328-05 Includes the low pressure alarm for cartridge change notification, water shut-off and flushing valves, and inlet/outlet pressure gauges, The Everpure Model EV9328-06 doers not.

PLEASE NOTE: IMPORTANT Ordering Options And Different Stock Numbers Are Listed In The Option Box For These Systems.
For THIS SYSTEM with the Prefilter And Alarm MODEL # EV9328-05, ***Please use the ordering option given above if you are looking for the EV9328-06 with Low Pressure Alarm..

- Capacity: 27,000 gallons (102,600 L)
- Measurements: 25.59"H x 30"W x 6"L
- Flow Rate: 5 GPM
- Certifications: NSF 42, NSF 43, WQA Gold Seal
- Pack Size: 1
- Weight: 39lbs

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