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Everpure RESIDENTIAL Systems & Cartrdges

Product Description
Tap water that's healthful and great-tasting is becoming increasingly rare these days. When it becomes contaminated, it can affect nearly everything you cook, eat and drink, not to mention your bathing and cleanliness routines. Clearly, bad tap water can have a direct negative influence on the quality of your life; water is something you simply can't afford to compromise.

Thanks to the superior quality of Everpure water filter technology, you never again have to worry about the quality of your own drinking water. Everpure filters reduce lead content up to 99%, and remove dissolved solids and precipitate that render water hard and unusable. Each Everpure water filter features a precoat design which effectively removes particles as small as half a micron in size including nasty hangers-on such as Cyptosporidium, asbestos fibers, dirt, bad taste and odor, chlorine, mold and algae.

To make it even easier, the sanitary quick change Everpure water filter cartridges are easy to install and even easier to replace with no mess, no hassle, and minimal effort.