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Water Inc. WI-LVH1000HC EverHot Instant Hot/Cold Modern Series System # LVH1000

Water Inc. WI-LVH1000HC EverHot Instant Hot/Cold Modern Series System # LVH1000

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Product Description
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- Everhot Modern Series # WI-LVH1000HC Undercounter Instant Hot Water System includes heating Tank and LVH-1000 sink mounted faucet.

- The Water Inc, EverHot LVH1000 makes 190° Hot Water instantly from a compact undersink half-gallon reservoir. (Up To 60 cups per hour or 48 ounces at once).
- Quick and easy installation using John Guest® quick-connect fittings.
- Upgradeable Stainless steel tank is available.
- Water temperature can be regulated by adjusting the temperature knob on the front of the heating tank.
- Stainless and lead-free materials used throughout.
- Electrical requirements: 6.8 Amps, UL listed. 3-prong grounding type, 115 Volt wall receptacle is required; 15 or 20 Amp circuit is acceptable.
- Requires no regular maintenance. Clean the exterior with a damp cloth.
- Average Energy Cost is less than $2.00/month.
- Tank Dimensions: 9" depth X 7" width X 13" height.

EverHot LVH1000HC Faucet Features:

- Height - 7 5/8"
- Reach - 5 3/4"
- Hole Size Required– 1 1/4"
- Base size - 2"
- Spout Diameter – 1"

- LVH-1000-HC Faucet spout is insulated to protect from scalding.
- Feature continuous flow levers that lock in place for easier filling of large pitchers or pots.
- Certified to the no lead requirements of ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and California Proposition 65.
- Available in Chrome and or Satin Nickel

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