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About SuperWater.com

About SuperWater.com

Welcome to our SUPERWATER site!


Superior Water Systems Co, Inc, originally started working for another local water company back in 1995, selling only The Everpure Foodservice Line, and matching them up with select Oasis Water Coolers. Since Superior Water Systems incorporation May 1996, we have grown to become a world class water treatment provider 100% committed to bringing your home, office and or business the absolute best quality and value in water filtration products equipment available.
We specialize in providing our customers with first class state of the art Home Grade and Commercial Grade, Everpure, Pentek, Hydrotech, 3M, Cuno, Aqua-Pure, Selecto, Body Glove & Enviropure filtration systems, Oasis Water Coolers, Global Water Coolers, Everhot, Everbrew, & Evercold Systems, Mountain, Housepure, and Touch Flow Style foodservice products, and more...

NOTE: We are an Authorized Online Dealer for MANY of our products listed, as we are also an Independent Online Dealer, and we have been a Local Dealer supplying local business ever since our inception.

We will cover any item sold and or installed locally by us, or any item purchased directly off superwater.com. We will also approve "ANY AND ALL" returns on any items sold, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you will not have to keep it. Please see our return policy.

We care about earning your business properly, and we respect our customers greatly, if you have any issues with your product purchase, questions about our business practices, or policies, please feel free to call us, as we will gladly all your questions.

In Regards To Our 18 Year History of Selling Everpure:

All our currently supplied and sold "Everpure, Pentek and Pentair" Industrial, Marine, Foodservice & OCS products listed and shown, which also includes but is not limited to all Systems, Filters and Heads, installed locally by us, bought and sold by us, promoted by us and sold online, is ALL 100% Guaranteed to be genuine Everpure Pentek Pentair products listed as shown.

We have been selling and installing Everpure Products for almost 20 years years. We ONLY deal directly with Everpure's Authorized Master Distributor Filter Pure Systems of Tampa Florida, who, also have their own website @ http://www.filterpure.com. We have been dealing with Filter Pure directly, every day we have incorporated our business May of 1996.

We still only buy and sell ALL "Pentek Pentair Everpure Industrial, Marine, Foodservice, and OCS Products" currently, and with complete knowledge and approval, and through our own Everpure Master Distributor - Filter Pure Systems of Tampa, as we continue buying and selling the same exact products, in the exact same format, and through Filter Pure Systems today, and, we have continued to conduct business, in the very same way, ever since our inception and incorporation in 1996.

PLEASE NOTE: We are "NOT" an "Authorized Reseller" and we have never claimed ourselves to be an "Authorized Reseller" on any products we show, as we know our product lines extremely well, and we offer our customers services, not just products listed for sale.

Questions? Call us, and let us make sure you have the perfect Everpure product to meet your needs.

After a full 18 years of experience selling and installing this extremely high quality Everpure product line for thousands of our local and subsequent online customers, we remain 100% committed to providing all of our customer the same exact genuine high quality Everpure products that they have requested and have purchased from us since we started selling the Everpure line.

What We Do Locally:

Currently based in Boca Raton Florida, we maintain and have handle well over 2000+ local customer accounts on a yearly basis. This includes a variety of homeowners, businesses & foodservice operations here in the state of Florida, and we have been doing this as Superior Water Systems Co Inc. We provide a high quality, in demand,local water service and maintenance program for our customers.

How We Started:

We started as a true brick and mortar business, and we are the only known online dealer with a customer base that actually caters our services to the "local community", and, as a local south Florida dealer, we proudly and have humbly taken care of our local clients for over 18 years. Because we are started out as a local brick and mortar business, we are one of only a very select few companies able to provide you with much better knowledge and understanding about the correct applications for all our listed products, and, we can offer better prices than most all other online and or local competitors. Most companies who only sell products strictly on the internet and are inexperienced as to how their products actually work, and in what applications they can be used correctly.

If you need help, or have any questions, are phone lines are open toll free 24/7.

We Offer - Ultra Fast Shipping & Local Pick Up - Most In-Stock Orders Usually Ship within 24hrs. Toll Free Customer Support - No Voicemail During Business Hours! All Shipments shipped via UPS and Shipped Insured. We have a knowledgable and professional sales staff, and with over 18 Years Of Experience. YES, we appreciate earning your business properly. We are an authorized and Independent Dealer For All Our Listed Products and we will do our best to keep your business as one of our best clients for many years to come.

***Please check out ratings, NO OTHER COMPANY HAS A TRUE RATINGS FORMAT, many online companies have a manipulated and false ratings format. OURS ARE 100% REAL, and NOT SOLICITED. Please see for yourself what our clients say about us first hand, and what hundreds of our other customers have said about us over the past 14 years of our selling online ...links here:

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Superwater Feedback Score on eBay

Yes...we do want to help you order the correct item for your needs. If you have any questions at all, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-WATER2U, or, contact us via Email at support@superwater.com.

Price Match Policy:
Superwater.com tries very hard to have the most competitive prices in accordance with discounted FedEx, UPS, and USPS, with Free Ground Shipping on most all water filter orders totaling over $200, all with in the continental USA, and PLEASE NOTE, we must cover an $85.00 Freght Shipping and Insurance Fee on all Global Water Cooler Order, and a $125.00 one time Fee for all Oasis Cooler and Equipment Orders. Shipping Fees for all water Cooler Orders are added Post Sale. NOTE: Given the dynamic nature of the marketplace, we do not price match. If you happen to find any items at a lower delivered price, please let us know, and if you have any questions, please...give us a call toll free at 1-866-928-3728. We will try our best to match or beat it if possible. We do not guarantee that we can meet or beat every price listed, but we appreciate the opportunity to try and earn your business properly, and we shall do our best to get you our lowest price.

Questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Us

- Jacques Lobato - President Superior Water Systems CO. INC

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